Life Church at Ardsley Park started on December 11, 1904 as a “Sunday School” for families and children in the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Griffith with thirty-seven members. The group outgrew the home and in April 1905 they rented a location on Green Street (Now 55th Street) and became the Green Street Mission. The first pastor was J. N. Lee. He led the church to become incorporated under the name Fourth Baptist Church on July 5, 1908. The church moved to its current location on Bull Street in 1917 and in 1927 adopted the name Ardsley Park Baptist Church.

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Throughout the next century the church experienced substantial growth peaking in the 1960’s. The growth was followed by years of decline as the culture rapidly changed around the church. In October, 2013 the church, which was down to a small group of core members, called pastor Jon Tillman to join together in a revitalization process. The church refocused to become active in the community and adopted the mission to Grow, Love, and Reach. The new focus led the church to many changes including the adoption of the name Life Church at Ardsley Park starting in 2017.


Life Church is now excited to see the mission being carried out. The church is growing rapidly, but continues to keep a focus on vibrant relationships as its core value. We hope that you will consider coming and being a part of the new history of Life Church at Ardsley Park.