Church is more than the worship service on Sunday mornings; it is about “doing life together.”  Here at Ardsley Park, we want to encourage you to get plugged in to a Small Group and to use your talents and gifts to serve so that you can most effectively grow in your relationship with God.  Below you will find ways to plug into Small Groups and areas to serve.

Small Groups:

Home Groups– Right now we have groups that meet in Kensington Park, Isle of Hope, Coffee Bluff and Pooler from 6-7:30 on Sunday nights.  For more information on the location of each group, contact the church office (912) 234-1256 or email us at

Midweek Activities:

We will blatantly admit that our biggest desire is for you to get plugged in on Sunday mornings and in a small group, but we do think Midweek serves an important function. As we go through the week, life can wear us down. Midweek is a great place to get the extra encouragement we need and breakout groups offer a unique opportunity to dive into specific topics of interest. 

Women's and Men's Ministries : 

We think it is important to have times of fellowship for our women and for our men. These ministries meet for fun events which are announced regularly. To get more information on the next event for women or men, please contact us at