Here at Life Church, we value the importance of setting a clear mission and vision.  Simply stated, a mission is the “what” we are called to do, while the vision is the “how” we can do it.  Every aspect of our mission and vision is taken directly from Scripture and you can read more about them below.  Our desire is that every member will not only know our mission and vision, but that it will be the very DNA of how we operate as a church.


Our Mission: Grow, Love, Reach

Grow: We are called to grow in two distinct and complimentary ways.  First is personal growth in our relationship with God.  The second is growth as a body of believers.  Acts 2:47

Love: Love is more than a feeling; it is an action.  We are first called to love God and then to love others.  Luke 10:27

Reach: The church is not meant to be self-serving.  We are called to reach our neighbors and also to reach the nations. Acts 1:8


Our Vision: We like to think of our church like a home with 5 rooms that we want you to explore. 

We find all 5 of these at the beginning of the New Testament church in Acts 2:42-47.

THE PORCH: Even strangers can have a conversation on the porch. We think of our main worship service as a porch. As you grow with God, it's a place to connect and start building relationships with people. Our Sunday morning service (11am) is a great place to start. 

THE LIVING ROOM: This is a great place to really get to know each other. We think of our Life Groups as our living room. You weren't made to do life alone, so lets get real with each other. We have several Home Group options for you to choose from that meet on different nights throughout the week. 

THE KITCHEN: When families go to the kitchen, everyone pitches in to get the meal out. Our service opportunities are our kitchen. They give you an opportunity to use your gifts and talents to grow with God. 

THE STUDY: You need time to get away from all the busyness so you can just focus. We think of your private time with God as the study. The church helps you grow, but never takes the place of a study. 

THE FRONT YARD: When you spend time in the front yard, you never know who you might meet. We think of your opportunity to meet new people and share the love of Jesus with them as our front yard. This means we should be active and engaged with the community.