Wednesday nights we take a break from the business of the week and enjoy some time together. We think of Midweek like taking vitamins, it isn't essential, but it certainly is good for you if you can do it. 


Midweek is designed around a meal time because we think eating a meal together is one of the best ways of building relationships. The meal happens at 6:00 and is totally funded by donations. At the end of the Midweek Meal we encourage everyone to check out  Post-Meal (7:00) breakout group. Each group has a particular topic it will be working through together. 


All Midweek activities take place in the Life Center. Just use the main entrance and you will easily be helped along. 

Kids- During the Post-Meal breakout we offer a kids program (K-5th grade) and nursery (0-4). Parents can enjoy their own breakout while their kids have a great time learning about the Bible. 

Students- We have a breakout specifically designed for you! If you are in 6-12 grade we are excited for you to plug in and learn while having a ton of fun with your leaders. 

Adults- Since our breakouts are constantly changing, the best way to find out what is currently being offered is by asking the Welcome Desk on a Sunday morning or by contacting the church office at info@lifechurchsav.com


Our address is 3802 Bull Street, Savannah GA 31405. Parking is located behind the Worship Center and in the grass lot on the south side of 56th street.