April Fools

Easter Sunday happened to fall on April Fools Day this year. It was a day that I fully expected to have jokes played on me. In fact, I woke up to a text from our Worship Leader, Tim, in which he pretended to be sick and unable to attend the service. But of course, it was just a joke. It was Easter Sunday and we needed everything and everyone to work together to create a smooth and wonderful service. 

The morning consisted of normal practices and preparation. A few issues always come up, but are dealt with just as quickly. And when we first heard that there were some technical problems with the screens, I must admit that I simply wasn’t worried. Of course it wouldn't be a problem. Of course it would be fixed in time. So with 20 minutes to go, we put our best people on the problem…but the problem didn’t go away. In fact, the news just kept getting worse. At first it seemed that we would have to delay the service by a few minutes. That delay soon became a realization that we would not have screens for the service. 

Thus we were hit with the reality that we were diving into the biggest Sunday of the year without a major part of our technology. We felt like fish out of water, everyone knew that it was awkward, and I wondered what in the world God was doing. But as things seemed to spiral, I also remembered that we had spent a great deal of time preparing for this service in the most important way possible. We had prayed over this service. We asked God to do great works. 

As the time unfolded, I began to see something very interesting. What started as a terrible thing started becoming a very strange positive attribute. Everyone who attended, including our brand new guests, became part of a laughable situation. We were all a part of the “inside joke.” A sense of being “polished and professional” was replaced with authenticity and honesty. And on my first ever April Fools Easter Sunday, God seemed to have a pretty good joke in which he taught me a valuable lesson. 

We say it all the time and it is always true. God’s plans are greater than our plans. He is in control. So even when the screens go down on Easter morning, God has a plan for it. I certainly hope that we don’t experience the screens going down again, but just this one time, I think it was actually a good thing. I don’t know all the reasons that God did what he did, but I’m grateful that he at least showed me a few reasons. And after all, it will be another 11 years until we have another April Fools Easter Sunday again.