Thankful for Freedom

This past week our nation celebrated Veterans Day. It is a day that I'm reminded of the sacrifices of so many people that have allowed me to live the life I live. These men and women have gone into difficult and scary situations to protect the freedoms that we often take for granted. The very least we can do is to be thankful. 

So we had one day to celebrate and be thankful, but is that all we should do? Certainly we should live lives that show our appreciation for their sacrifice. We should pray for these men and women who are in active duty. In our own church we have many military families and we currently have two men deployed to a war torn region. Pray for these people. Ask God to grant protection from the physical and mental fatigues of war. 

We should also remember those whose sacrifice was long ago, but the toll of that sacrifice is a daily chore. I cannot imagine what some of our veterans have experienced in the name of our freedom. Those things are not easily forgotten, so pray that God continually gives a peace and healing from the pains they have experienced. 

Lastly, we should enjoy our freedom. The greatest freedom we have is to be able to pursue a relationship with God without the fear of retribution from an oppressive regime. We should remember the privilege we have to worship, to own Bibles, to learn about God, and ultimately to receive forgiveness through Christ. I pray that we all use our freedom to pursue the only freedom that can truly last; a freedom in Christ.

Thank you to all of our veterans!